RVA Street Art Festival

20130917-074543.jpgI am le artiste! Or I feel like one, at least. On September 11, Selba hosted the kickoff to the RVA Street Art Festival, where I consorted with local Picassos (side note- Selba is my new favorite vino happy hour spot). From September 11-15, artists brushed, painted, sprayed, and dyed their bleeding hearts across the drab former GRTC depot. The gloomy, gray city bus lot magically morphed into a swirling colorful Candyland of colors, food trucks, and beer.

Kudos to my friend, Jon Baliles, for helping to organize this fun festival for RVA. I (and my little dog, too) very much enjoyed it.







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6 alternative ways to use ice cube trays (ex: organize earrings)

20130909-182736.jpgIf you rent, especially in RVA, you are familiar with this apartment essential. Unless you have a saint for a landlord (is that an oxymoron?) who was kind enough to bestow upon you an automatic ice machine.

My favorite alternative use for ice cube trays is as an out-of-sight earrings organizer! Place one pair in each cube mold. Then, store the trays in a drawer inside your vanity or bathroom. (I put mine in a top dresser drawer near my necklaces.) The plastic trays keep earrings paired and untangled.

This led me to ponder and research other creative implementations for these molds. Here are the Top 5 I found for 20-something single doggy moms out there, after scouring the internet:

    • Portion dog treats for training. Also, if your dog eats too much too fast, put his dry food in an ice cube tray to slow him down.
    • Freeze left over wine and store in Ziplocks. Use cubes to cool down wine without watering it down, or add to recipes that call for a splash of wine.
    • A girly “toolbox” for things like nails, screws, pins, thread, buttons, or other odds and ends that just clutter drawers
    • Freeze fruits, fruit juices, and herbs so they don’t go to waste. I love the idea of freezing herbs in olive oil or minced garlic in a touch of water, because I use those often.
    • Jello shots!
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9 creative uses for a pile of un-spendable money


I’ve been daydreaming about what I will do with my colossal mountain of money when I win this $250 million Powerball. Watching Breaking Bad made me think, what if I couldn’t spend the money? What could I do with all that dough? Here are my top 9 ideas:

“Channel my inner Scrooge McDuck,” and replace my pool’s water with money (in this hypothetical scenario, I have a pool).

mcduck swimming in money

Keep warm at night by using it as a make-shift bed and blankets. Or just roll around in it with my new cabana boy.

sex on pile of money

Instead of spending cash on high texting charges, I would send messages, like “Hey guys, I’m over here,” by burning my fat stacks.

joker send a message

Of course, I would have to make a fashion statement and wear my billz, specifically to places like work and the soup kitchen. Just kidding- I wouldn’t work.


Might as well also use it for toilet paper, just because.


Build a “Make It Rain Room” in my mansion. Right before happy hour every day, electric fans start whirling, and the ceiling opens to let all my money swirl around me like a financial storm.

  make it rain

Visit public places and pretend like one dollar bills confuse and scare me.

pdiddy dollar

I would become amazing at origami, and inevitably earn many international awards and accolades.

paper folding lincoln

Use the paper as disposable gloves to protect my hands.


   What would you do? Comment below!

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$100 front porch make over


My front porch was looking SAD, which is the last emotion you want to elicit during the sunny summer days. So, like Anne Hathaway in the Princess Diaries, my porch got a much needed make over. And all for under $100! 

I chose blues and pinks because the outside of my apartment is painted powder blue, and I think that blues and pinks look delicate and fun.






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How to hand craft a glittery birthday card (video tutorial)

20130901-180026.jpgHand-craft a glamorous, thoughtful birthday card! It costs a fraction of what Hallmark charges and you’ll be done in 5 minutes as long as you have the materials. In the time it takes to go to the store, pick out a card, and return to your puppy, you can construct 3-5 cards and be on your second glass of wine.

Here’s what I used:

  • Glass of your favorite wine
  • 2 pieces of glittery cardstock in complementary colors – you’ll cut one paper to 4×6 and the other a little smaller (I chose a dark purple and a light purple at Michaels in the open stock paper section)
  • White or off-white card stock
  • Semi-transparent vellum
  • Satin ribbon (I chose a Tiffany blue)
  • Paper that matches the ribbon
  • 20130901-175522.jpgRegular straight scissors
  • Shaped scissors
  • Martha Stewart dove punch
  • Glue gun

Cost: Free if you have all the supplies. The glittery cardstock is $2.00 at Michaels for a 12×12 sheet. So, you get 6 cards out of each sheet, equaling $0.66 per card. 

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Homemade, cheap dog training treats


A consequence of Henry’s intelligence and adept performance skills (I’ll post videos soon) is that we go through training treats very quickly. I usually reward him with Nature’s Recipe training treats (typically $3.99 at Petsmart), but they only last about a week, even though I break each one in half. For context, there’s about 200 T-bone shaped pieces to a 7 oz can, so halving them makes about 400 treats. He actually got a sick this week from over-eating them. I’ll spare you media of that experience.

This led me to investigate lower-cost, healthy treats for my darling Havanese. I use peanut halves, cut up apples and carrots as rewards. For something crunchier, I made tiny baked peanut butter banana biscuits. I based my biscuits off this recipe. It’s just peanut butter, a mashed up banana, some flour, and water.

Some modifications: I did not include honey, I used a knife instead of a pizza cutter, and a cut paper bag instead of parchment paper (I be ghetto….). Also, for Henry’s small 9 pound-frame, I make the treats very small. I don’t want him to get full quickly (he will get bored of training), or to take a long time to chew the treat.


Cost breakdown:

  • Homemade biscuits: $0.70 for about 14 ounces
  • Nature’s Recipe Treats: $3.99 for 7 ounces
  • Apple: $0.70 for 6 ounces
  • Carrot: $0.70 for 6 ounces
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How to trap a prehistoric bug

This is how I recommend trapping a massive, prehistoric bug.

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